8 Ways to Make Space in Your Life

Written by Bonnie Dewkett

Everyone needs a little more space in their life. The space can be physical or it can be figurative. We may need space for a new relationship to grow, or to allow ourselves to make a long wanted change or to banish something from our lives. No matter what you need space for; here are some tips to make it happen.

1. Focus on the BIGGER PICTURE. Write down your goals for your space. Don’t simply write down “organize closet”, take it a step further and think about WHY you want to get that area organized. For example, having an organized closet may mean that you can get dressed easily and quickly in the morning. Instead of starting your day on a stressful note, you are starting your day with ease and confidence that you look and feel great.

2. TAKE A POLL. Talk to family members about what and why they want to get organized. They may want to organize the family room so they can have game nights or your spouse may want to organize the garage so you can put in a home gym. Discussing the reasons behind the upcoming changes makes them easier to implement and more important to everyone.

3. DAILY TASKS.  Once you have your end goal in mind you need to decide what you are going to do EVERY DAY to make this happen. So often we think of cleaning out our clutter and lives as a weekend task that is done once and then it’s over with. In fact, being organized, clutter free and stress free are things you have to work each and every day.

4. BE PRESENT. Just like many things in life, being organized comes from being present. When you walk in the door at the end of the day, don’t simply mindlessly throw the mail down along with your coat and bag. Take the few moments needed to hang them up where they belong. Take 30 seconds and discard junk mail and recycle it. Doing these tasks when you walk in the door means that you are saving yourself time later and you are respecting your home.  Teach your children to do the same. It only takes a few seconds.

5. DO WHAT BOTHERS YOU MOST FIRST. Often we have a household project that bothers us. We complain about it, but do nothing about it. Often we don’t know WHAT to do, so we do nothing. We are paralyzed by the fear that we will do the wrong thing. Instead of doing nothing, do something. Just take one small step in the right direction and you will feel great. Those things we’ve been putting off and dreading are often the ones with the biggest reward.

6. CLEAN OUT THE KITCHEN. The kitchen is the heart of every home and the epicenter of your family’s health and eating. If your kitchen is cluttered, you will have a hard time preparing healthy meals and your family time will be compromised. If you are going to take the time to organize only one area of your home, make it the kitchen.

7. MAKE IT COUNT. Even if you have only ten minutes a day to focus on making your home the sanctuary you desire, make those ten minutes count. Have a plan on what you need to tackle and get everyone involved. If you have a five-person family and everyone participates for ten minutes, that’s almost an hour of time invested in your home.

8. REWARD YOURSELF. Just like anything that is difficult, getting organized means giving yourself rewards. You will feel peace and tranquility in your newly organized space and that in itself is a reward. Focus on the time you can now spend freely with family. If you cleaned out the family room, have a family movie night. If you cleaned out the guest room, invite family over to stay. Our possessions take up so much of our lives and in reality are so insignificant. Take your life back. Donate, give away and recycle what you don’t need and make space in your life for happiness, love and joy.

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