My Journey to a 10 Day Vipassana Meditation

Written by Molly Robertson

If you have never heard of Vipassana meditation, you are hearing about it now. I was introduced to Vipassana two years ago when I was in India. It seemed everyone I was meeting had done one, or was going to do one. My good friend Polly spoke most passionately about her experience. Having completed one two years ago, she proceeded to sign up for another a few weeks later before flying to India (where we met). As my travels continued throughout India, I continued to come across people who seemed to be floating after their Vipassana experiences. Let’s just say I was very curious.

I decided I would sign up for one whilst in India…Why not? I thought.

I sent my form off to the closest centre and anxiously awaited a reply. It never came. I spent my entire three month stint in India practicing yoga everyday and enjoying the sun, the rain and the flying cockroaches. No complaints!

Upon my return to England in May 2010, I applied and was accepted onto a course set to start that November. I was mentally prepared, keen and eager, but one week prior to its start date, it was canceled. ‘Okay, I will just keep practicing my own meditation and yoga…and I will be just fine.’ By January 2011, I had applied for my third Vipassana. I was freelancing, moving around and this time…it was me. I could not (would not) take time off work. So, yet another Vipassana passed me by.

If I were to take you back, and talk you through the last two years of my life, it would be best summed up as, ‘the time of perpetual change.’ Within two years, starting early 2010, I left England, spent three months in India. Within a week of my return, a six and a half year relationship ended. I moved, moved again and then I left Liverpool. I moved to Shropshire and proceeded to move 3 times whilst in Shropshire. It didn’t take long, I could feel my inner world falling apart. I felt desperate, lost. ‘What am I supposed to do?’ Within a day, Polly (mentioned above) whom I hadn’t seen since India emailed me asking if I wanted to move down to Devon and run her yoga studio. I knew, without a doubt, I had to go. So, with very little resistance and a quiet sense of liberation, I packed up my things and moved to Devon.

I have moved twice since coming to Devon, but I am finally living somewhere beautiful, surrounded by supportive loving people…Phew!

Now then, here we are, present day. All seems okay. I am teaching and practicing yoga everyday, I am feeling supported, grounded and pleased to feel a little more settled after two years of constant change…however, my body is feeling a little uneasy, aching…like there is something that needs to give…but I have no idea what! So, with a little motivation from Polly, I signed up for another Vipassana (this will be number four) and it is fully booked! I am put on a waiting list.

Two weeks before Christmas I received an email from the course centre and a place has opened up.

I have now, finally, completed a 10 Day Vipassana Course and feel infinitely blessed and grateful for the experience. My body feels lighter and is no longer aching!

These courses are donation based with centers all over the world. They are pure mind and body detoxifications; deeply profound, rigorous, enlightening and liberating.

The truth is in us; love is infinite and compassion goes a long way. Let’s keep practicing…cultivate silence, compassion, awareness and equanimity and just see where it takes you. May we all sit in silence for peace.

Happy New Year!

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