Olympic Q & A: Lindsey Jacobellis, USA Snowboarding

Lindsey Jacobellis is one of the most decorated and successful women's snowboarders currently active in the world today. At the 2006 Winter Olympics, Jacobellis won the silver medal in Women's Snowboard Cross's Olympics debut. She's back at Torino and gunning for Gold!

MindBodyGreen: Were you always athletic? When did you start snowboarding?

Lindsey Jacobellis: My family and I have always been active. I started snowboarding when I was 10 when I started to follow my brother around.

MBG: If you couldn’t snowboard, what other sport would you like to play professionally?

LJ: When I was little Snowboardcross wasn't yet an Olympic sport...so I thought I might be able to play softball and go for that.

MBG: How have you grown as a person since Torino?

LJ: I was 20 in my first Olympic games, and I think since that time I have become very comfortable being a professional snowboarder. I feel very fortunate and am extremely excited to be representing my country again in Vancouver.

MBG: How do you cross-train during the spring and summer?

LJ: I do a lot of hard land training which consists of going to the gym, road and mountain biking, and surfing/wakesurfing.

MBG: Do you visualize before you compete?

LJ: Yes. I inspect the course before every race so I always have a good idea of the lines I will take and the best places to pick up speed.

MBG: You do a lot of work for the ASPCA – is there one message you’d like to convey to our readers why taking care of animals is so important to you?

LJ: I have loved animals since I was little and I've seen how much they can give to people. I feel strongly that animals in need should be given a chance, and always want to find ways to help.

MBG: Who inspires you?

LJ: My brother, Ben. He's always been a great guide for me, and he's the reason I got into the sport.

MBG: What’s on your playlist before you compete?

LJ: I listen to a wide array of music including Shakira, Black Eyed Peas, Beatles, etc.

MBG: Favorite guilty indulgence?

LJ: Shoe Shopping!

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