Olympic Q & A: Resi Stiegler On When Injury Hits

Injury is a harsh reality in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding -- and many of the current Olympians have either missed past Olympics or are sitting out Vancouver because of injuries. We talked to one of these athletes, skier Resi Stiegler, who fractured her left leg in November.

MindBodyGreen: In dealing with injuries, what is easier - recuperating mentally or physically?

Resi Stiegler: Mentally for me its easier to recuperate starting off. I think it's just who I am, there is nothing you can do and the longer you are sad and bumming out the longer it's going to take to get back. So to start off it's easier mentally because your body is always going up and down on the way to recovering. I think once you make it back and you are skiing its hard to get back into it mentally because your body is finally healed and you need to be patient with yourself.

MBG: What do you have planned for rehab? When do you hope to return?

RS: Right now I'm trying to stay positive and not think about what a great season I'm missing. I got hurt at the beginning of the ski season so I don't have a planned time to make it back. Our first camp is in New Zealand next August (for the next season) so that's when I plan to ski with the team. But I will probably do some on snow or beginning work before that.

MBG: Many tremendous athletes have made amazing recoveries from injuries, e.g. Michael Jordan - is there anyone in particular whose comeback inspires you?

RS: Not really, I mean everyone is inspiring in some way to come back. I'm always impressed with dirt-bikers like Travis Pastrana who can keep going for it 110 percent and at least act like they are not scared to get hurt again. That is the coolest to see someone play with no fear.

MBG: Injuries are obviously extremely tough, but do you find that there's usually a silver lining?

RS: Of Course, for me a lot of great things have happened for me when I was injured and when I came back to skiing after every injury I was more with in and passionate and focused so that was awesome. I also find that it really makes you think up some interesting things to keep your mind and body busy and you learn more about yourself and what you can handle.

MBG: Favorite healthy food?

RS: I'm gluten-free so I am obsessed with baking but that's not the healthiest. I would say some big veggie fresh fish dish is always delicious especially living on the ocean.

MBG: Favorite guilty indulgence?

RS: Brownies!!!!!!!

MBG: What are you most looking forward to once you're back on the slopes?

RS: Well my team is super cool and we are always laughing and coming up with fun things to do and playing jokes and making movies so that will be fun to be back with the team. Also the focus of working on coming back is pretty cool. It's amazing how you learn every day every run and how you put the work to use the next day.

MBG: In a perfect situation, how do you envision your return?

RS: Well next year is the World Championships and that is probably my favorite event and its about time for me to do well so I am excited to keep that as my focus and do the same thing I have been doing to come back and maybe work on some things to keep me from crashing so hard!!!!!!!

MBG: Good luck Resi, we are excited for your return at the World Championships!

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