Let Your Yoga Practice Give You Courage

It takes courage to show up in this life, to show up to yourself and all of your crap. Yet, this is what we need to do if we're going to be able to serve others in any authentic type of way; to come face to face with our baggage and plow through it in order to heal, to grow, to serve.

Yoga helps with this; with the showing up, with the courage and with the strength.

Although you might not notice right away (but, quite possibly you will), the yoga is working. No matter what your reason is for beginning your yoga practice, yoga will begin working on and for you in ways that you could not have consciously intended, ways that are right for you, exactly where you are, right now. Breathe. It’s all, so good.

What’s important here, from my own experience, is that you not duck away from the space that opens up for you. Fill that space with your energy, with your positive thoughts, energy and light; even if you have absolutely no idea what that looks like... Just breathe. At the end of each practice take the time to lie in savasana, connect with your breath and breathe in thoughts of gratitude and well being. This will keep the door open for yoga to do its work – physically, mentally and energetically.

Now, back to that crap I mentioned – everyone has it, no matter how much we sometimes try to deny its existence, it is there, surrounding us in both subtle and GLARINGLY obvious ways... From that M&M, twinkie or potato chip eating compulsion to the ‘I don’t have enough____ (fill in the blank here – time, money, skills etc) to do what I want/need to do...’ These are self sabotaging patterns and behaviors that we fall into (ALL of us) in order for us to avoid dealing with our life. Breathe. It’s ok – we’re all perfectly, perfect. Now, go grab your mat, go easy on yourself and know that this is an incredible way to begin to show up for your life... Your practice, if you allow it, will guide you. Believe this; your beliefs shape your reality. What do you want the reality to look like? Namaste.

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