The Divine Breakdown

We all know that life isn't always smooth sailing. I don't think it's always smooth sailing for anything on earth. These difficulties that are very much apart of life, if we look at them from the bigger picture rather than a ‘separate me’ picture have a divine flow to them. These challenges that we all face can either break us down if we’re resistant to the flow of life or we can soften the ego and join the divine pulsation, allowing us to move on stronger, wiser and more and more alive. 

Even the situations that completely shake us to the core can be and often are ‘blessings in disguise.’ For most of us, it is these situations that get us to finally ‘WAKE UP.’ I know for me, some pretty crazy and dramatic life situations ended up being complete blessings in disguise. Sure, some of the situations got the better of me, my ego got in the way and the situation broke me down a little, but these situations where big pivotal points in life that helped me connect to my true nature. What felt like at the time as ‘my life falling apart,’ was really my life ‘falling together.’ 

I am by no means inviting pain into my life or any of your lives, but pain is very much a part of our experience on earth and I know for me, it was these painful moments in life that were big moments of evolution for my Being. Rather than viewing these moments as a typical ‘Break down’ they can be viewed as an ego softener, a letting go of the past and entering more deeply into presence. It’s when we get resistant with the ego that Suffering becomes our experience. It quite often said in spiritual practices that pain is inevitable but that suffering is our choice. I feel that it is totally possible to deal with life’s painful situations without suffering. We can deal with them while still being at peace.

Healthy Non-attachment 

Non-attachment is often talked about in spirituality, but from what I’ve seen, people can often get a negative interpretation of what this is all about. It can sometimes come across like, “Should I just not care?”

Not at all. I think we can actually be more caring when we have healthy non-attachment. For example, say we’re “In love” with our partner, but they break up with us. We then get defensive, angry, egotistically reactive and say we’ve fallen “Out of love” with them. This is a very unhealthy attachment to our emotions. Our ego built a sense of self from something or someone external then loses them and then we suffer. If we’re ‘In love’ with someone, I truly feel it’s impossible to fall ‘out of love’ with them. Our ego may be a little bit broken but it’s still all love. It’s the difference between flowing from the mind or flowing from the heart. It’s our choice.

We tend to get so attached to our emotions, yet they don’t get attached to us? Step back, take a breath, observe and BE.

Of course splitting up from a loved one or losing a job or any of the other unexpected things that can come our way can be painful. Change in general, even if it’s for the good, can often feel quite painful. So, to make conscious decisions rather than egoic, addictive familiar decisions, we have to have a healthy non-attachment to the ego and see life from the bigger picture.

I’ve known a few people lately that used to bitch about their job nearly every time I saw them and would say how envious they are that I don’t have a boss to answer to and that I love my job etc, and then they lost their job then started bitching about their lack of job. After a moment of reminding them about how miserable they were with the job, you see that “Ah ha” moment in their eyes. They can finally start that business they were always talking about, or finally study that course they never had time for. There are divine teachings in everything if we can just soften and be truly in the moment.

Enjoying all these amazing experiences that part of the world but not getting attached or clingy. Not building a sense of self out of external matters. Observe how much more life you have within you, how much more caring you are and how much more magnificence you attract into your life when you let go of neurosis and neediness.

Divine Discontent, Divine Fill in the blank… 

Being discontent can be a powerful awakener. The universe isn’t thinking, “Oh but this might hurt his or her feelings.” It’s more likely going, “This is needed for them to evolve, to wake up to truth.”

If you’re discontent, bored, restless, sad or anything like that, tune into it, slow down and listen to your body. Sure ego can be pretty convincing and may get us to whine, and blame, but does that actually help anyone or anything. To help ourselves and to help the world, feel the feelings of discontent, don’t obsess over it and dwell on it with the mind, but meditate on it and allow yourself to transform right then and there. Can you see a possible divine teaching in it? Rather than seeking out an answer as to why you’re discontent, listen to the intelligence within you. You just have to quieten the mind a little and it will all make sense.

So many of these potentially painful life situations if we respond from the heart and from a ‘divine eye’ we’ll keep evolving through life, keep getting clearer and clearer and more in touch with the flow of life.

It feels appropriate to finish this blog with the commonly said but powerful sayings;

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

“Be the peace you want to see in the world.”

Whatever kind of world you want… are you being that?

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