3 Ways to Support Your Body to Detoxify

To effectively support your body to detoxify and heal so you can feel energetic and healthy, it's not just a matter of eating clean alkaline foods and preventing as many toxins as possible from entering the body. This is absolutely essential but this is just the first step in the process.

Detoxification only occurs when the acidic toxic waste stored in your cells and tissues actually leave your body. This is the old accumulated waste matter that has been sitting in your body creating symptoms, imbalances, fatigue, cellulite, excess weight and more.

When this waste is awakened from hydrating, alkaline fresh fruits and vegetables and their juices, this waste is drawn out into the elimination channels so it can be removed through them.

However the majority of people have compromised elimination organs after decades of eating poor quality foods and living in the acidic modern day world. This is where helping our elimination organs to remove the waste becomes essential for true detoxification, and thus real health transformation

Today I have three of the most powerful ways to support your elimination channels to remove the waste to share with you. If you use these very regularly, you will be setting yourself up to be as healthy and vital as possible – along with looking after your dietary, mental, emotional and spiritual health of course!

It’s important to be aware that the cleaner your diet, the more you need to employ these methods as deeper levels of toxic waste will be awakened and ready for release.

1. Cleanse the colon. The colon becomes overloaded when you consume too much acidic food and drink and it can’t eliminate naturally what you are putting in. Even if you are consuming a very clean diet, the colon can still struggle to remove all the acidic waste being magnetized out by the alkaline foods you are eating.

Support your body to get the waste out of your colon (which has the greatest potential to dump the most amount of waste) by giving yourself a home enema or get a colonic from a knowledgeable colon hydro-therapist.

It might seem scary if you haven’t tried it before, but it really isn’t as daunting as it might sound, and the benefits speak for themselves. You will feel lighter, calmer, more balanced and have a flatter middle as a result!

2. Sweating. Getting your sweat on by doing movement that you love is a crucial way to eliminate toxicity from the body.

Ideally you want to exercise outside, so that you are also exposed to fresh air and not stuck in an enclosed space with recycled, heated or air conditioned air. Sometimes this can be difficult to avoid, and if you enjoy working out inside then all the power to you, but the ideal way to sweat is in the great outdoors.

If you suffer from acne or other clogged skin conditions, it is a smart idea to wash your skin well after sweating to wash away any lingering bacteria and ensure your pores are open and clear to allow effective elimination.

3. Skin brushing. It’s so easy to neglect our skin. We can cover up all day long, load chemicals on to our skin externally and eat them so they poison us internally. Every day while you do this, your skin is shedding masses of dead skin cells and trying to push out unwanted toxins so that it can remain clear and healthy. Why not help it along with some dry skin brushing and exfoliation?

Dry skin brushing before you shower will clear the path for greater toxin removal and allow the skin to “breathe” better. It also helps to break down and reduce cellulite, wake up your circulation and stimulate your immune system. It’s even very energising and warming so it’s a great habit to get into when you first wake up before you shower!

Bring these three practices into your routine, along with a clean diet of plenty of fresh vegetables, and you will be setting yourself to experience optimal health!

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