Create a Vision Board Inspired by Your 2012 Dreams

Written by Laura Swim

Kicking off the New Year by decorating a blank canvas is the perfect way to create a vision board! With reflection of 2011 and a fresh start to 2012 you are able to create a vision for your dreams to be nurtured and to blossom.

When creating a vision board, look for images that resonate with activities, goals and aspirations you have for yourself. It could be the picture of a bike to express environmentally friendly transportation; fruits and vegetables to encourage a good quality and natural lifestyle; or the beach to reveal a calming vacation. Your vision board will be a representation of what you love and want to bring more of into your life.

It is ideal to have a stack of magazines you no longer look at to browse through and cut out images that resonate with your 2012 goals. With your cut out images, arrange and paste them onto your canvas. If you are short of supplies, you can use PowerPoint and Google to create your work of art. You can also use paints, stickers and glitter glue to decorate your masterpiece. The final step of creating your vision board is to place it in a location where you will often see it; this could be on your nightstand, next to your toothbrush, on your desk or near the kitchen sink.

By creating a canvas that is inspired by your 2012 dreams, you are using the right side of your brain that is linked with creativity. When exercised, the right side of your brain taps into emotional expression and intuition. Crafting a piece that reflects your dreams of 2012 and using the creativity side of your brain, an emotional and intuitive connection is made with your goals of 2012. By keeping your vision board in a place you see each day, will create a subconscious connection to your dreams of 2012 and provide opportunity to allow those dreams to blossom!

image via Lululemon

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