10 Food Rules Everyone Should Live By

Written by Lisa Kelly

Food is the ultimate fuel. Like a car running on premium gasoline, your body needs the healthiest and purest form of energy to function optimally, and the basis of prime nutrition stems from a plant-based diet. By eating organic food, that is minimally processed and is completely free of any animal products (yes, that includes cheese and butter!) you are doing a great service to not only your body and mind, but to the environment and society as well. These food rules are ones to live by, but more importantly ones you can feel great about and thoroughly enjoy doing!

Food Rule #1 - Don’t eat anything that includes ingredients a 5th grader couldn’t pronounce. Acids, gums, colors and numbers are NOT actual foods and do more harm than good.

Food Rule #2 - Don’t eat anything that had a face, or came out of something that had a face. Slaughtering and harming animals is not only ethically and karmically wrong, but it takes a massive toll on your health and environment

Food Rule #3- If you’re picking up your food while driving in your car and having someone slip it through a window, then you’re not eating real food. Do I need to explain this one?

Food Rule #4 - ENJOY your food. Your elders may have said “Grace” and the blessed the food you ate when you were growing up. This is a great example in showing appreciation for what you consume. Bless you food.  Eat it slowly. Recognize where it came from ad savor every bite.  Oh, and don’t eat in front of the TV.

Food Rule #5 - If it’s got high fructose corn syrup in it, don’t go near it! Gross!

Food Rule #6 - Look heavily into food combining guidelines. Digestion issues stem from eating the wrong foods together, so make sure not to eat fruits with other foods. Know how long certain items take to digest and at what rate (fruits go down quickly-carbs take awhile)

Food Rule #7 - Don’t deprive yourself. Eat the sweet indulgences or salty snacks in moderation but keep an overall healthy diet. Frozen pre-made diet meals and calorie-dense replacement shakes are not healthy, nor are they any source of nutrition.

Food Rule #8 - Splurge on sustainable kitchen tools and utensils. They may be pricey but their worth the investment. People spend thousands of dollars on medications, doctors and hospital bills, when many of their issues could be relieved if they put stock in quality produce, a great set of pots and pans and a fabulous food processor.

Food Rule #9 - Farmer’s markets beat supermarkets, hands down. Buying fresh, locally grown and seasonal fruits and veggies will ALWAYS trump conventially made food that’s traveled half way around the world to sit on a shelf.

Food Rule #10 - Savor the art of preparing food. Get your friends and family involved in the process of cooking and make eating healthy a group effort. Those that eat together, stay together.

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