3 Easy Ways to Make Superbowl Chips, Beer, and Pizza Healthier & Greener

The Superbowl is this Sunday which often means chips, beer, and pizza. Here are three easy ways to make these Superbowl standards a little healthier and greener without missing a beat.

1. Chips... Rather than the standard potato chips, go with some organic tortilla chips.  They're healthier than potato chips, especially when coupled with guacamole. Don't know which brand to choose?  Then check out our taste test.

2.  Beer...  For many beer is a must for the Superbowl. To be a little greener, go with a local or organic brand.  For me, local is an easy option as Brooklyn Brewery is only a few miles away.

3. Pizza... This is your opportunity to experiment in the kitchen. Alicia Silverstone's Vegan Radicchio Pizza recipe is healthy, vegan, and delicious. I can vouch for this one personally -- truly delicious and super-easy to make.

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