Trudie Styler on Yoga & Wellness

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57-year-old, Trudie Styler, has been practicing yoga for 21 years -- often alongside her husband, Sting. She talks about how she first started practicing and also shares her philosophy on wellness.

Trudie practices yoga for 90 minutes every day and tells The Telegraph on how she got started with yoga:

“It was about four weeks after I’d given birth, and someone mentioned this great yogi called Danny Paradise. Anyway, he came round, and, after the dog peed over his leather bag, we went into the garden and he showed us these amazing poses. They were 'ta-da!’ poses. I was stunned. Well, he came every day for a week and, bit by bit, I started to feel better. Incrementally, emotionally and physically better.”

Trudie's mother died from Alzheimer's so she 'appreciates the body she's been given and says we need to look at our bodies as 'vehicles':

“I was very close to my mum and I couldn’t bear the thought that she couldn’t do all the things that she wanted to do.” She says that she wants people to treat their bodies like “beautiful cars”. “If you have one you’re not going to put any old s--- in it. You want to give it the best fuel. And your body is a precious vehicle that takes you on a journey. You need to look after it and maintain it.”

Namaste to that!

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