A Cup of Tea: Learning to Embrace Our Shadow

"It is one thing to recognize and acknowledge the presence of our darker emotions, it is quite another thing to let them take up permanent residence."-- Author unknown

So, My dark side says to my light side, “Hey gorgeous, wanna make out”? And, before my light side knew what hit her, she was embracing my dark side, which led to kissing, which led to… well, you know. Now she has little dark sides all over the place, and is barefoot and in the kitchen most of the time.

Suffice it to say, she is not very happy. She does like being in her bare feet, however, but the kitchen… well, not so much. In fact, she is unhappy to the point of extreme frustration and anger (which just so happen to be the names of her oldest two little dark sides).

She has decided, though she believes she is probably addicted to my dark side and that it won’t be easy efforting to not give in to that exceedingly slimy trickster, that she needs to start resisting those dark fiery passions and re-assert herself.

Why, she remembers how she used to bring happiness and love and laughter and light to me and how brilliant she was able to shine through me. And, she also recalls that her light was so bright, those around me were able to see it and bask in it. She was very attractive… back in the day.

Now she feels ugly and alone and she has all these little dark sides constantly making her pitch a fit and get all red-faced and mean. She has let her light become very dim.

How did it get to this she wonders. She does recall offering my dark side a cup of tea. The dark side can be so alluring, so mysterious, so… dark. The thought of it made her shiver. She remembers the cup turned into a pot and then she got all mixed up, didn’t think she had a choice. Who was she to rebuff my dark side? So much power and excitement and energy. It had literally dug a deep groove into her, and she had actually forgotten how to be… light.

She had decided that the next time my dark side came home, she would be loving, and even an embrace would not be out of line, but clearly a pot of tea was out of order. She had been practicing choosing to be her truest, deepest, purest Self of Light, and it showed. Her brilliance was beyond the beyond.

She actually did not see my dark side for quite some time, but one day while she wasn’t paying attention, my dark side tried to come home again. Since she had been practicing being her true Self, she was ready.

She shown so brilliantly as she said “hello” that my dark side not only left immediately, but also sent for her things. She was afraid of my light side.

On occasion she does try to come back. My light side is so gracious. She always invites her in for just a single cup of tea, but my dark side cannot remain dark in the brilliance of my light side and, so, she always declines.

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