Give Yourself the Gift of Yoga in 2012: All You Need to Do Is Breathe!

The gift of yoga has allowed me to strive to live in the moment; healthy, active and inspired. Yoga is how I connect with my true self, allowing me to connect with those around me in a more meaningful way.

Yoga has taught me that each breath, each moment is a gift, which allows me to contribute to the betterment of myself and my community. I was first introduced to yoga at the YMCA more than 10 years ago when, as a new mom, I needed an accessible way to be active, while still having my young daughter close by. Who knew what the future held: this one hour ‘fitness class’ became my passion, my way of life. I began to notice positive changes, physical, mental, and emotional: an increased sense of calm and focus; increased flexibility, endurance and strength... in a word, balance. As I began to recognize the tremendous value to be gained from yoga, I immersed myself more deeply into my practice. Over the past ten years, yoga has become one of the pillars of my mental and physical well being, seeing me through the birth of my second, beautifully-inspiring daughter, as well as the uncertainty and difficulty experienced during my separation from my partner of 13 years. Through joy and through pain, yoga has provided me with a space to re-focus and stay grounded.

As my practice continued to develop and as my desire to contribute to the betterment of society increased, I began to explore ways that I could share the power of yoga with others. This past year, I took my yoga practice to a new level by becoming a certified yoga instructor, I now volunteer as a yoga instructor at the YMCA to inspire others to live in the moment, creating space for positive energy, thoughts and actions… I am grateful for all I have gained by staying committed to this practice, and I feel truly honoured to support others in their search for physical, mental and spiritual well being, while becoming more active, confident and centred along their journey.

Life is busy, full of challenges and consistently presenting us with opportunities to grow and develop. When we commit to living in the moment, when we recognize that even the difficult times will pass, we live inspired and ready for all of the moments still to come! Yoga has inspired in me a sense of groundedness and the capacity to live right now, in the moment, celebrating each day.

As the season surrounds us with the warmth of the holiday spirit, I invite you to find your inner yogi (or yogini) and truly embrace life as it unfolds its countless rich and wonderful gifts in this coming New Year…

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