9 Reasons Why Meditation Is Awesome

These nine scientific studies will make you want to stop whatever you're doing and get your meditation on.

Meditation & Sex Are Same to Your Brain

Yes, a study even suggests that your brain reacts the same way to meditation as it does to sex. Both dissolve our sense of self-awareness, separating ourselves from our ego.
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Meditation Will Make You Look Better

Don't think that meditation can make an observable difference in your life and appearance? This series of photos that Peter Seidler took before and after a month of meditation will convince you.

Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight

You might want to add meditation to your workout routine. A study suggests that meditation can help people control their eating habits and lose weight.
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Meditation Is Better Than Morphine

A 2011 study suggests that meditation can reduce pain by nearly half! That's right, just a little training and one hour of meditation will do a better job than morphine.

Meditation Improves Sex

O.K., so if meditation won't suffice and you still want the 'real' thing when it comes to sex -- well, meditation can still help says this study.

Are you sold on meditation?  If you aren't, these 90-year-old yogis will inspire you to hit the mat :)
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Meditation Makes Your Brain Stronger

A 2011 UCLA study suggests that meditation makes your brain stronger, just like push-ups make your body stronger.

Meditation Helps Manage Stress & Improve Your Immune System

Meditation can improve immune function, reduce blood pressure, and help manage stress. More on that study here.
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Meditation Helps Tune Out Distractions

You know all those daily distractions and mental chatter that can totally stress you out? Well, meditation can help you tune it all out.

Meditation Improves Kids Test Scores

Photo by Sarah Herrington

That's right. Kids who practiced meditation over a one year period experienced "significant" increases in English and math test scores!

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