10 Steps to Living a Positive Existence in 2012

Written by John C. Bader

New Year's resolutions aside, it is a long but rewarding journey to self-actualization; especially when we have to face daily responsibilities involving work, family and other related issues. We have all endured our challenges and triumphs in 2011 and it is certainly fine to recollect the good and the bad this time of year. In regard to the bad, the key is to learn from our mistakes and shortcomings and then move on. Yet, every hour that we live life, there is time to incorporate a positive action that can even on the smallest level eventually manifest a positive reaction later in life. The following steps, if incorporated into your daily life, can help perpetuate a healthier and more positive existence in 2012:

1. Wake up each day in a peaceful mood:  Try to wake up without annoying alarm clocks and avoid being rushed or put in stressful situations that may start your day in a negative way. Give yourself more time to wake up and get ready for what should be a positive start to a new day.  Tell yourself each day before getting out of bed that “today is going to be a good day”. Then put positive energy into motion.

2. Control your breathing: Learn to breathe in the quantum energy that pulses through the air. By taking deep, slow breathes of oxygen into the lower part of your chest and abdomen – the diaphragm area, you will feel more relaxed and peaceful. Try it several times a day when you feel a little stressed or not centered in life.

3. Live with an open mind: Have an unbiased approach to learning and life. Make your own conclusions and decisions with hypothetical reasoning. Review all of the ideas and opinions left in your memory cast by social immersion and grasp onto faith, ideals and perspectives that you can call your own. Learn to interpret life with your own eyes and not the eyes of others.

4. Appreciate nature: Allow time each day to appreciate the beauty of nature. All that is nature represents unseen powers or forces that define a divine creator or sequence of events related to the Universe. The natural beauty in life is God’s power and focusing on it for just seconds will bring peace and renewed energy levels.

5. Think positive: The power of prayer in terms of Christianity, if reduced to a common dominator, is the power of positive thinking. By replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you are creating a new dynamism that manifests positives reactions. Remember, positive thoughts or actions will create positive reactions in life.

6. Meditation: Various forms of meditation will help you relax, re-energize, and think more clearly. A light form of meditation may involve simply controlling your breathing and thinking of positive attributes in your life. A deeper form of meditation may take you into your subconscious and align your mortal shell with your True Nature, thus creating a quality of mindfulness that is beneficial on many levels of existence.

7. Appreciate others: It is important to stop what we are doing during the day and think about the people around us that influence us in positive ways. By thanking these people we are creating a positive action that will reinforce new constructive reactions. Complementing our children, co-workers or friends – telling you wife or partner that you love them. Positive actions create positive reactions that will ripple to infinity.

8. Have good karma: In a world based on cause and effect, karma is important to understand. Since we live in a revolving Universe of matter and energy, what starts will eventually end in the same place. Positive and yes negative actions that we create will eventually return to us as equal energy.

9. Staying centered: We know when we are stressed out or when we are having a bad day. Knowing this means accepting a need for change. By living with an open mind, embracing compassion and reverence; by sensing the root of our control patterns and facing them by replacing negative scripts in life with positive ones, we are centering ourselves, and aligning our mortal lives with our True Nature.

10. Going to bed in a peaceful mood:  It is important to relive the high points of each day before falling asleep. It involves remembering those that made a positive impression on you and having compassion for those that affected you negatively. It helps to appreciate the positive gains you made personally or within the workplace. Try not to focus on what needs to be done tomorrow – focus on what a great day you had today.

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