How to Minimize Negative Energy in Your Life

Like clouds in an otherwise sunny sky, everyone has dark spots in their life. They can be small clouds that come and go without much of an impact, while others can be huge storms with the power to ruin your day, week or more. These clouds can manifest from many different things -- toxic friends, bad jobs, debt or illness, and while all of this is difficult, a huge portion of how it affects you is directly related to your ability to overcome hurdles in your life.

When it comes to negative people, I have learned my lesson the hard way that sometimes friendships and relationships simply run their course. When someone brings you down to the point that you can’t think about them without an angry heat rising up in your chest, it is time to evaluate your relationship and what it is really worth. I am all about giving second, even third chances, but sometimes there just comes a point where cutting someone out of your life is the ticket to your self esteem and happiness. No one deserves to drive away all of your positive energy, so don’t let them.

Everyone has to deal with less than ideal jobs, nuisances like debt and financial setbacks, and disappointment and let-downs in their lives. In my experience, the best way to handle these kinds of situations is to always do your best, have a plan, and keep making time to immerse yourself in the things you enjoy. It helps to have goals because it gives you something to strive for and it feels damn good once you achieve them. Stuck in a dead end job? Keep expanding your horizons through research, classes, hobbies and networking until you find your niche and, eventually, the right job will find you. If you have some debt, build it into your budget so you know how much you have to pay each month to eliminate it by a certain date, and seeing that number shrink will make you start feeling a glow of achievement.

Never forget that what you chose to focus on gets lit up with the spotlight that is your intention, and you have the power to decide where that spotlight is pointed. Try to tackle hardships with sensibility rather than letting them get the best of you, because most things in this life can be overcome if we chose to do so. I see our energy as an internal flame that can be burning bright or barely flickering. Commit to grabbing the steering wheel of your life and driving towards the things that ignite that fire, and away from the things that douse the flames.

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