6 Kids' Yoga Poses to Keep Calm Through The Holiday Season

Written by Rachel Glowacki

It's that time of year, and we just could not be any busier if we tried. In yoga, we call it the "Monkey Mind" or "Chitta" where thoughts keep popping in and out of our consciousness. We want to be fun and festive, but it is hard to FOCUS. Here's a kids' restorative flow to keep calm and carry on!

1. Victorious Breath

How We Move: We inhale the air like we are sipping a straw in the back of our throat and exhale as if we are fogging up a mirror.

Why We Move: To calm the nervous system and clear the mind. The breath is the anchor and the link to all poses.

Breathe In and Out: I AM VICTORIOUS.

2. Laughing Dove

How We Move: We extend our arms like wings half way over our toes.

Why We Move: To strengthen the spine and the legs.

Breathe In and Out: I AM HAPPY.

3. Kissing Knees

How We Move: From Laughing Dove, we fly over our legs as we melt our heart toward our knees.

Why We Move: To release the lower back, the hamstring muscles and a fresh flow of oxygen to the brain

Breathe In and Out: I AM HEALED.

4. Final Relaxation

How We Move: We lay down like we are resting in bed, flat on our backs, palms open, body relaxed.

Why We Move: To relax the whole body and rest.

Breathe In and Out: I AM STILL.

5. Cocoon

How We Move: From Final Relaxation, we hug our knees to our chest and roll over on our right side.

Why We Move: To gently awaken our body from a deep rest and embrace the quiet.

Breathe In and Out: I AM PEACEFUL.

6. Butterfly

How We Move: We inhale from Cocoon and rise up. The soles of our feet clap together with our knees splayed out like wings. Our shoulders align over our hips. Our heart smiles with our collarbone.

Why We Move: To bring circulation to our hips and to think about freedom, new hope, and the transformation of what is to come.

Breathe In and Out: I AM LOVE.

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