Yoga Can Help Insomnia & Ease Menopause

Many women going through menopause suffer from hot flashes, anxiety, and insomnia. But that's where yoga can come in and help make a difference.

Reuters reports on a new study which suggests that just a couple of yoga sessions a week can help ease some of menopause's side effects:

After four months, women in the yoga group reported fewer menopause problems than those who did nothing.
One questionnaire rated menopause symptoms from 0 to 18 as mild, 18 to 35 as moderate and 35 and over as severe. After four months, women who practiced yoga had an average score of 12.4, while women who had no treatment, had a score of 19.9.
On a sleep questionnaire from 0 to 28, with 28 being the most severe insomnia, the yoga practitioners had an average score of 9.7, while those with no treatment scored 13.7.

Cathryn Booth-LaForce who studies alternative therapies for menopause at the School of Nursing at the University of Washington, says:

"This is part of the accumulating evidence that shows the benefits of yoga. Doctors are starting to recommend yoga, not just for menopause, but for a variety of conditions."

Namaste to that!

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