Olympic Q & A: Tim Jitloff, USA Alpine Skiing

A three-time U.S. national champion and two-time World Championships team member, Tim Jitloff began his international career as a specialist in the technical events, slalom and giant slalom. However, he plans on taking a serious stab at the super-combined (downhill and slalom) during the 2010 season, and could get the call for that event at the Olympics as well.

MindBodyGreen: Were you always athletic? When did you start skiing?

Tim Jitloff: I would say that I have always been athletic. Sports were my way to escape as a kid and do my thing. I started skiing when I was 2.

MBG: If you couldn’t ski, what other sport would you like to play professionally?

TJ: If I couldn’t ski, I would have loved to be a pro tennis player.

MBG: You also scuba dive -- what is it about it scuba diving that you like?

TJ: I like scuba diving because I usually do it with my friend and ski serviceman Robbie in Croatia. The environment is super relaxed and peaceful. Being under water there is no sound, nothing to really get in your way. It seems a great way to gather your thoughts and get away from everything.

MBG: When you’re on the road in Europe, training or competing, what is the biggest challenge to stay healthy?

TJ: The hardest thing is to train as hard as we do day in and out and not get nagging injuries. No matter what, you pick up little odds and ends throughout the year. Luckily we have PT that travels with us and tries to keep us in one piece.

MBG: How do you cross-train during the spring and summer?

TJ: Cross training is a healthy mix of weight room, spin bike, road bike, and any outdoor sports you want to do for fun.

MBG: Do you visualize your races before you compete?

Tim Jitloff Alpine Skiing

TJ: In speed races for sure! I spend a lot of time visualizing the course for DH and SG. In GS and SL I have a pretty photographic memory, so I usually visualize the critical parts of the course and the rest I rely on my memory.

MBG: What does mind/body/green mean to you?

TJ: Man and Nature living in harmony.

MBG: Favorite quote?

TJ: "Two wrongs don’t make a right."

MBG: Who inspires you?

TJ: My brothers.

MBG: Favorite healthy food?

TJ: Banana Bread

MBG: Favorite guilty indulgence?

 TJ: Orangina

MBG: What’s on your playlist?

TJ: Rise Against, Faithless, Thrice, Army of the Pharaohs.

MBG: Is there anyone you are looking forward to meeting at the Vancouver Olympics?

TJ: Not really…is that bad?

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