4 Ways to Fight Infection This Winter

If you tend to get sick when the weather changes and it begins to get chilly, here are four of my favorite ways to stay healthy and fight off infection.

1. Goldenseal extract fights bacteria, viruses, parasites, and yeast. It boosts your overall immunity and one of the compounds found in it, berberine, may also activate your white blood cells, making them more effective at fighting infection. Dosage: 1 capsule 3x daily or 1 to 2 full droppers 3x daily mixed with a little water (tastes very bitter)*.

2. Oregano oil helps prevent infection by inhibiting bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, and candida yeast. It is also a powerful antioxidant and has been shown to slow the development of diabetes related health complications. Dosage: 1 capsule 3x daily or 4 drops 3x daily mixed with a little olive oil*.

3. Neti Pot or Nasal Flush (cup and dropper) removes pathogens from the mucous membranes of your nose and swiftly clears breathing. Add ½ t. sea salt to a cup of warm water. If using a net pot, tilt your head and pour into one nostril until it streams out the other until half of the water has been used, gently blow your nose, then switch sides. If using a cup fill the dropper with liquid, tilt your head and fill one nostril, gently blow your nose, then switch sides*.

4. Green tea with cayenne, lemon, honey and ginger. This potent and comforting cup of tea will dial up your internal temperature to fight infection, flush out toxins and infection, coat your dry, sore throat, manage inflammation and pain, and is antimicrobial to boot. Add boiling water to a mug containing ½ t. freshly grated ginger, a heaping t. of local, raw honey, 1 green tea bag and the juice of half a freshly squeezed lemon*.

*Always consult your doctor before starting any new treatment.

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