Best of January 2010

We started off the New Year with our 31 Days of Wellness series and haven't looked back. Below is a roundup of this month's most popular posts:

James Cameron discusses the spiritual and environmental message of Avatar on Oprah. (And btw -- doesn't Zoe Saldana look great!  Zoe and Kate Winslet share a love for Pilates).

Brooklyn Decker talks to us about yoga, cardio and her Elle Make Better DVD series.

Having trouble with your to-do list? You'll want to check out our Q & A with Getting Things Done author, David Allen.

Want to get started with yoga? Check out these 5 pro-athletes who practice yoga.  (Even Martha Stewart is hitting the yoga mat).

Gwyneth Paltrow says she wants to get started with meditation and we talk with her cleanse guru, Dr Junger about detoxes.

Even non-rock climbers will appreciate these 9 life lessons from rock climbing.

Bring prosperity and love into your life via feng shui expert Jayme Barrett's feng shui kitchen tips and feng shui bedroom tips.

Michael Pollan answers 10 questions and Alicia Silverstone goes grocery shopping on Oprah. Here's Alicia's grocery list.

And yes, J.D. Salinger was hooked on yoga and meditation. He's not alone, Heidi Montag is apparently into yoga now, too?

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