4 Tips for Building Connection with Your Students + 4 Traps to Avoid

You can strive to teach challenging, fun and inspiring yoga classes but without connection to your students, the class may fall flat. Sometimes you’ll teach a class and your head will be filled with imaginary feedback ("She looks really annoyed; she must be hating this class” or “he looks like he’s really struggling; he’ll never come back”); other times you’ll feel like the class and you are working together as one.

Building connection can be hard but is one of the most important factors in teaching classes where your students feel supported, seen and acknowledged. For you as a teacher, teaching classes where you are building connection is challenging but rewarding in a way that is almost indescribable.

While this is a bigger conversation, here are some quick tips. I’m writing this from my own experience, both in terms of what I’ve felt has worked and what has not worked for me, both as a student and a teacher. Please feel free to share your own thoughts:

Build connection through: 

Disconnection can happen when: 

Building connection is one of the finer techniques to develop as a teacher but can lead to some rewarding moments and returning students. Have faith that showing yourself, being seen as a person and speaking from the heart are all within you to do, along with presenting solid, succinct instruction. This can be a great foundation for building connection. One last thing: don’t forget humor. Sharing a funny story or something humbling about yourself or life in general can keep things light and bring a smile to both your face and those of your students. What a great way to build connection!

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