Be the Silver Lining on That Cloud

Driving home from work a few weeks ago, the sun was just low enough ahead of me to paint the sky an array of colors, while behind me were dark gray clouds hovering over the Atlantic Ocean. The color contrast was striking, but what was even more captivating were the colors that the light from the setting sun created on the clouds. Vibrant pinks, purples, oranges and blues reflected on the otherwise dark clouds.

The way that the sun’s light brought out colors in the gray clouds made me think of the way that our own inner light shines on and affects the people we interact with throughout our day. I believe that each and every one of us have the potential to shine positive light and energy on others, whether it is your spouse that is having a rough day at work, a co-worker who is generally grumpy, or a new person in your yoga class who is encouraged by something as simple as your smile. Being mindful about cultivating positive energy in yourself reflects in the way you go through your day. Just like the sun’s energy lit up those clouds, we as individuals have the power to light other people up.

On the contrary, like the clouds that block out the sun, dark and angry energy can negatively impact the people and circumstances around you. We each have the power within ourselves to influence situations and people for the better or for the worse, so which do you want to be, the sun or the clouds? To me the answer is simple, and by acknowledging that we do have the power to cultivate a shining light within ourselves, we can help to spread positive light and energy that will reflect off of the people and places that need it the most.

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