4 Fool-Proof Ways to Create a Vision Board

Written by Nitika Chopra

Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are you have heard SOMEONE mention the term vision board. Everyone from Oprah to Elizabeth Gilbert has some form of one and now you can too! Allow yourself to make this fun, inspiring and even a little bit of a challenge so you can create a the vision of your most true and passionate desires. Follow these four fool-proof steps and watch your dreams come to life, now who doesn’t want that!?  

You may be wondering why you even need to create a vision board, well there are a number of reasons. For starters it is a simple and incredibly effective way to enhance the energy in your space whether it be your work or home. Imagine being surrounded by images, words and icons that with a simple glance make you light up from within and get excited? That's what a vision board does, it reminds you of your passions and dreams in a way that is encouraging and effortless. One of the things that I love to do is create my entire home as a sort of vision board, so I have loads of bright colors throughout (color is my thing) and pictures of people in my life whom I love deeply placed in every corner. It's a great, easy and effective way to turn any home in to a sanctuary.  

Follow these four simple steps to create a vision board today:

1) Silence Is Golden.  At least in the beginning. I recommend taking at least five minutes before you dive in to creating your vision board and allow yourself to relax in to what it is you truly want. Quite all of the voices in your head and any outside influences that might effect your creation. Let go of what you think you "should" want for your future, just because your 85 year old grandmother is constantly asking you why you aren't married yet doesn't mean that marriage has to be in your future. Relax and unveil what YOU want your world to look like.  

2) Describe Your Dreams. Once your mind, body and spirit are relaxed and focused on your desires, choose three words that describe what you want your vision board to represent. For example, my three words are vibrance, courage and balance. Everything I chose to place on my vision board reflects that and my three words became a type of road map for me while I was choosing items to include.   

3) Own The Empty Space. This tip is definitely for my fellow obsessive fans out there because if you are anything like I am, a strong commitment to perfection and completion weaves through you at all times. However I once created a vision board that was had every inch filled but when I looked at it, I wasn't lighting up with inspiration. This led me to realize that my vision board wasn't truly reflecting what I felt from within but rather was a continued reflection of what I thought I should want and feel.  Screw that people!  The white space is the most important part of your vision board, think of it as inviting you to create more dreams, goals and desires.   

4) Make a Vision Board Party!  If you read my article on turning Moving Mayhem Into Moving Magic, you might remember a similar tip. I am a HUGE fan of turning any task in to a treasured experience and vision board creating is NO different. Right before the new year is a great time to grab your friends, invite them to bring over every magazine they have along with a board of some kind to post their visions on. Set the mood with some tasty treats, fun music and plenty of scissors and tape.  I promise you there are friends that would LOVE to join you but don't even know where to begin, you could be an awesome source of inspiration for them!!  

So, mindbodygreen readers, get ready for an awesome new year a little early and start getting crafty with what you want to achieve for 2012. Still not sure exactly how to move forward? Leave me a comment below with any questions and I will be sure to help you along the way!

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