Happiness Coaching at Work? 6 Tips to Make You Happier

Yes, Happiness Coaching is now growing in the workplace. What tips are they offering up so you can be happier at work?

According to yesterday's Wall Street Journal, companies like UBS and American Express are bringing on "Happiness Coaches" -- and here are some examples of the coaches' tips to make you happier at work:

  1. Write e-mails to your co-workers every day thanking them for something they have done.
  2. Meditate daily to clear your mind.
  3. Do something for somebody without expecting anything in return.
  4. Write in a journal about things you are thankful for; look for traits you admire in people and compliment them.
  5. Focus on the process of your work, which you can control, rather than outcomes, which you can't.
  6. And don't immediately label events good or bad, but remain open to potentially positive outcomes of even the most seemingly negative events.

Full article at The Wall Street Journal

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