UCLA Basketball Star: Yoga Makes Me Better

"Physically it makes me more flexible, more explosive, less susceptible to injury. Mentally, it's just like a way to regroup during the day. It helps with my focus. It's a way for me to become a better athlete, and it's also helped with the mental side of sports," says 6-foot-8 UCLA basketball star, Reeves Nelson about his daily yoga practice.

Fox reports that Nelson hits the mat almost daily with his instructor Kent Katich. Katich works with a number of pro-basketball players including NBA stars Baron Davis, Blake Griffin, and Kevin Love.

Reeves has fell in love with yoga and says:

So how does Reeves think it will help his game? He says:

Reeves also likes that yoga helps him ease his mind:

Katich, who is a former college basketball player, thinks that more athletes are embracing yoga because they understand the 'importance of playing in harmony', and says:

What about the importance of athletes having a 'killer instinct'? Katich doesn't buy it:

Namaste to that!

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