5 Tips to Get Your Body Rhythm Back

Do you feel like you're out of sync? Here are some tips to help get your rhythm back:

1) Eat in accordance to your body’s rhythms. Since your metabolism peaks at about noon, it is better for your body to have a bigger breakfast and lunch and smaller dinner. Eat good fats and protein for breakfast because that is what your body needs for fuel during the day. All-natural smoothies are a great way to get both of these into your diet. The typical sugar and carb-laden breakfast of a bagel, muffin, toast or sugary cereal are just about the worst things you can have; so avoid those at all costs.

2) Have an “electronic sundown”. At around 10 pm, turn off your computer, charge your cell in the other room, and turn off the TV. Scan your bedroom for blinking or glowing lights-- the alarm clock, the charging indicator on your cell phone, the DVD clock and timer, etc. Turn these off or cover the lights. Each little bit of light can stop your melatonin levels from rising, which you need to induce sleep and to reach the deep restorative sleep your body requires. If you can’t darken your room, wear a sleep mask. This period of darkness will help reset your natural rhythm.

3) Make sure you get natural light. Just as we need darkness to support our sleep cycles, we need light -- particularly morning sun- for our day cycles. We need the light of the sun to trigger our metabolism, alertness and overall ability to function and perform. And if you spend most of your day indoors, replace your artificial or fluorescent lights with full-spectrum light bulbs.

4) Slow down with relaxing music. Music is one of the best ways to retrain your body to chill out. For instance, reggae music beats at about 60 beats per minute, the rate of a slow beating heart. Your internal rhythms will slow down and entrain to the slower beat. Or check out, SPENT, Beats To Bring You Back, a music cd I brought out with the brilliant Bill Laswell, to specifically get you back in touch with your body rhythms.

5) Spend some time in nature. When you spend a lot of time in nature and really let yourself feel her natural rhythms, it is easier for your body to align with those rhythms. And even more important, when we realize our connection with everything around us, we cannot help but become overwhelmed with gratitude and joy.

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