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I developed this recipe together with an ex-boyfriend, on a rainy day in Costa Rica some years ago. It's so great, it really stuck with me (the soup, not the boyfriend) and now it's my favorite raw dish. Sometimes when you're raw, you want warm things in your belly! And when you’re in Costa Rica and realize you’ve been wearing your woolly socks for three days straight, warm food is particularly nice. This soup is great; delicious, filling, and so beautifully green you’ll want to take a picture of it to keep in your wallet. Really. The trick is to start small, add your ingredients, try it, taste it, add a little more… Until you get the perfect balance. You’ll know when you get it right. Basically you can use any green vegetables, but be very careful with garlic and onion (as with any raw recipe - when its blended like this without being cooked, onion will go super mutant onion on you and you’ll get crappy onion soup instead of avocado soup. Plus no one will want to hang out with you for the rest of the day and that sucks.). Anyway, this is how you do it:

Raw Avocado Soup

Avocado, baby spinach (always use organic!!), broccoli, water, bell pepper, salt, pepper.

Boil some water. Yes, I just said “some”. Not too much, not too lite. You’ll get it. Here you can use a water boiling thing or a pot on the stove. I don’t have a water boiling thing so I use the stove, even though I’m afraid of it exploding in my face (it’s a very moody gas stove that sometimes gives you giant flames and sometimes gives you nothing, depending on the day). If you have a gas stove, be careful not to leave the gas on (it’s hard to cook raw food when your kitchen is on fire. Everything gets burnt and your food will technically no longer be raw).

When the water is hot, put it aside and let it cool a little.

Scrape the insides of one whole, preferably giant avocado (or use two small ones) and put it in your blender.

Throw in two or three fists of organic spinach and one or two little trees of broccoli. Never ever ever buy non-organic spinach! It will make your soup taste like pesticides (ok it won’t but you’ll know it’s full of it and what better way to ruin a beautiful raw meal than thinking about chemicals?)

Peal one clove of garlic. Start by adding one half of it into the blender, or even less if you have a date later.

Put some of the hot water in the blender with your veggies. Not boiling water, but hot. Warm. Yes, I said “some”! Start with a little, and blend everything together. Then add a little more. And a little more. You’ll know when you have “some” water in there because your soup will be creamy and delicious-looking.

Blend your stuff well! You don’t want chunks of broccoli in there. Then add salt and pepper. I like it with lots of salt. You can also experiment here – I once added a little fresh basil in there, which was pretty great. I also tried adding a little cilantro in there once, which was total crap. Cilantro is like onion, it goes mutant cilantro on you and makes everything taste Mexican.

Try your soup. If you want to add more stuff, do it. If you accidentally added too much of something, just add more of everything else. That’s how it works. My mom taught me when she caught me pouring sugar into my tomato sauce because the salt lid came off and the sauce tasted like death. It’s hard to counter balance your mistakes while cooking, and the opposite of salt is not sugar (who knew?). Add more of the other stuff (ie, more tomato in my tomato sauce/more avocado in your avocado soup) and the bad stuff will go away.

Oh, and if you live in an awesome place where people are healthy you can also substitute spinach for kale. If you can get kale, that’s even better. I love kale, but I live in the Caribbean and people only want to eat French fries and spicy chicken here so there is no kale. If you want to send me some, email me and I will give you my address (but don’t come knocking on my door in the middle of the night, it upsets my boyfriend. Supposedly I’m “not supposed to give my address to strangers anymore”).

Even though this soup is warm, it is still raw. No enzymes are destroyed, and nothing gets cooked. The hot water will heat it up and make the soup… I want to use a Swedish word here, can I? The word is “lagom”. It’s an awesome word and there is no way to translate it to English, but it kind of means “just right”. When something is not too much, not too little. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right. Lagom!

When your avocado soup is lagom and just right, chop half a bell pepper into chunky pieces.

Pour the soup in a bowl. Add the bell pepper to the soup, and decorate with fresh spinach and some pepper.

This is what the soup will look like when it’s finished. Pretty, right?! If I had a wallet, this picture would be inside of it. So when you’re done, take a picture of your soup and send it to me! I’ll make an avocado soup-scrap book.

Over and out

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