3 Tips for Setting Good Intentions

We all know that setting 'good intentions' is a 'good' thing to do, but it's sometimes not as easy as it looks. Do your 'good intentions' ever have ulterior motives? Are you setting yourself up to fail? Here are 3 tips that might be helpful next time you set your intentions.

1. Know the Reason Behind Your Intention

When you fully understand and accept the real motivation behind your good intention it will either wilt or bloom, depending on its source. Ask yourself if your good intentions are born out of egoism, guilt, or a need to reckon with the past. If you need to be validated, make up for something you did, or seek retribution because you just can't seem to let go, take my advice and just drop it. Intentions like these will only serve to frustrate you even more, especially if you don't get what you want. You are better off spending your precious time and energy working on healing yourself. By doing this, your intentions will come from the heart, in conflict-free alignment with your life.

2. It's About More Than Results

Never intend to do something based on the result, because more often than not, there will be someone or something that will thwart your good intentions, creating a different outcome than what you initially expected. Have you ever cleaned the house with the intention of having a clean house? Of course, we all have. But the minute the dog or your spouse traipses across the floor with dirty feet, you're back in hell, steeping in anger and disgust. Instead, simply intend, undertake, and move on. Do not waste your time loving or loathing the results because they won't always last.

3. Sometimes it's Better Keeping it to Yourself

Many self help gurus suggest sharing your good intentions with others so you are held more accountable for your actions. That is all well and good until you cross paths with your confidants, wishing there was some sand nearby for you to bury your head in because you didn't follow through.. Keeping your intentions private is not a cop out. It instills a genuine yearning to meet your goals in your own special way, in your own amount of time, without unnecessary pressure from those who may really care less. When you practice being accountable for your actions on your own, you take a personal interest in them. This helps strengthen your conviction without the debilitating influence of judgment from others.

I hope this helps. May your 'good intentions' align with your inner truth!

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