Rashida Jones Loves Yoga & Inappropriate Yoga Guy

35-year-old Parks and Recreation star, Rashida Jones, has been getting her yoga on lately—it's what keeps her centered, it's what keeps her laughing.

When asked if she meditated or practiced yoga on Morning Joe, Rashida replied:

"I do meditate and I do yoga... Yoga, for me, is a great way to center myself and just turn everything off for a second. It's hard to do that."
She added that she wished she was more consistent with her practice, which is sometimes tough because of her hectic shooting schedule. And it's good to know that Rashida has a sense of humor. When recently asked what makes her laugh, she said:
"The Inappropriate Yoga Guy from YouTube is such an asshole in the funniest way."
Here's The Inappropriate Yoga Guy 'Tato Salad' episode:


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