Different Love Types, Happy Couples, and Relationship Pitfalls: Q & A with Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey Relationships

Relationship expert, Lissa Coffey, uses an ancient spiritual approach called "Ayurveda" to help people improve their relationships and discover love. Lissa share's some of her insights on our different mind/body types and some of our relationship pitfalls.

MindBodyGreen: Can you briefly summarize Ayurveda?

Lissa Coffey: Ayurveda is India’s 5,000 year old Science of Life. It explains the nature of everything in the universe.

MBG: Can you elaborate on "doshas" and the role they play in relationships?  Why are they so important?

LC: Your dosha is your mind/body type.  There are 3 doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  We each have all 3 doshas in our physiology, just in different proportions.  Our dosha is individual to us, like a fingerprint.  When we know about the doshas, we understand human nature.  We learn to accept people as they are, not how we think they should be.  This helps us to be more loving to people, and have more genuine relationships.

MBG: How can we best find out which Dosha we are?

LC: Take my quiz at whatsyourdosha.com

MBG: Do you believe in soulmates?  What do you tell someone who’s still out there looking for their soulmate?

LC: There are many soulmates out there for each of us.  We’re really looking for that connection, someone who "gets" us, someone we can really be ourselves with.  Be yourself, and you can attract people into your life who resonate with the same energy.

MBG: What’s the #1 trait of happy couples?

LC: Honesty. What good is communication if you’re not being honest? Be real with each other in every way.

MBG: What’s the most common pitfall with relationships?

LC: Complacency. We start thinking of things outside of ourselves rather than the other person, or the relationship. The relationship is an entity that needs to be cared for and fed. Give it attention, affection, and time. 

MBG: How does mind/body wellness relate to our relationships?

LC: Keep your relationship fit the way you would your mind and your body. Don’t let it get boring or flabby. Keep it stimulating and sexy!

MBG: Do you have a favorite relationship quote?

LC: Between my love and my heart

things were happening which

slowly, slowly

made me recall everything.


What I love about this is that it expresses how much we can learn from our relationships – everything!

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