Balancing Your Meals for Optimal Health and Energy

The health of a whole plant food is in its liquid. While fiber is very important and we need to consume it in the form of fresh whole fruits and vegetables, most of the nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and phytochemicals are in the liquid of the plant. Plus that’s what we get hydrated from. This is why fresh vegetable juices in particular are so healing and rejuvenating.

Eating some dehydrated and cooked foods is absolutely fine and can be helpful in regulating how quickly your body detoxifies, as well as providing comfort, pleasure and variety. However, you want to have as much fresh food in your diet as possible, alongside these denser, less hydrating foods.

The worst thing you can do (other than eat a burger, fries and soda topped off with a beer, ciggie and antacid) is to eat a meal of just dense dehydrated foods on their own. Instead, if you pair heavier foods with a big fresh hydrating salad of high water containing vegetables, you will be far more able to move the density of the other foods through your body and far less likely to feel as though you swallowed a brick. Eating a diet very high in dehydrated, overcooked or dense foods will not leave you feeling light, trim, slim or full of that beautiful natural energy you have as your birth right.

You might feel stimulated by such foods initially, as they are in fact a stimulation to your body and will require all your energy to digest so other issues you are experiencing in your body (and emotionally) may temporarily feel better. But you will notice not long after and certainly the next day that you are more tired, heavy and constipated.

As a general rule, aim for 60-80% of your meals to be high water content foods like raw and lightly cooked vegetables, and the dehydrated, denser, cooked portion no more than 20-40% of your plate.

Over time, aim to work towards the 80/20 ratio and choose the highest quality foods for your 20% - cooked vegetables, whole grains, organic, free range, grass fed animal products, dehydrated raw foods and so on.

This will leave you with digestion that works well, a healthy balanced body that is slim and resilient and sustained energy to get you through your day.

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