If Humpty Dumpty Was a Yogi

If Humpty Dumpty was a yogi, do you think his story would have changed? If Humpy Dumpty was a yogi, would he really just sit on a wall, legs dangling over the side, completely unconnected to his world and surroundings? This has heels over head written all over it.

If Humpty Dumpty were a yogi, I think he’d be sitting in half or full lotus for some meditative grounding. Or maybe he’d spice it up by popping into an inversion because he needed a little energy... after all sitting on a wall can get a little boring after a while.

If Humpty Dumpty was a yogi, would he still have a great fall? Or would his yoga conditioned body give him the strength and conviction to stay rooted to that wall? And if he did happen to bail, in a moment of weakness or distraction, his yoga conditioned core and yogi-quick reactions would have softened his fall. After all if Humpy Dumpty was a seasoned and committed yogi he would have been using that wall a billion times over to practice his inversions, therefore being versed in the art of falling so when it came time for the real thing, his body would instinctively know how to break that fall.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men were clearly not yogis either. If they were, they would have come together as a yoga collective or kula and through support, chanting, some restorative or yin yoga and a yoga festival fundraiser or two been able to mend poor Humpty back to his pre-fall glorious yogi self again.

I think if Humpty Dumpty was a yogi, his story would have had a completely different outcome. He would have sat tall and grounded on that wall, there would have been no fall and the King would not have had to waste resources to send men and horses out to fix him. To this day, I’m not quite sure what the horses could have done, lacking opposable thumbs and all. If Humpy Dumpty was a yogi, he would have been an inspiration to others and maybe created a whole wall-yoga movement thereby changing, effecting and influencing children everywhere with his story.

Poor Humpty... if only he would have taken up yoga... his life would have forever been changed.

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