Newton's Laws of Metaphysics

In 1687 Sir Isaac Newton published a revelation for the science community. It was called Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, and contained three simple laws of motion that are still a cornerstone for the science of physics today.

These laws describe the relationship between the forces acting on a body and the change in its motion due to those forces. They also describe the relationship of forces and bodies on a more metaphysical level. Namely how external and internal energy can change a person in very profound ways. They are yet another sign that the physical and metaphysical worlds are more connected that many may think.

His first law states that "objects in motion stay in motion unless an external force is applied to it". In other words a hockey puck will continue to slide on ice until it hits something, or the force of friction slows it down, and even stops it. On the more philosophical level it also means that unless some force acts to change your life, your life will go on, just as it has, without change, until it eventually comes to an end. Only by exerting some type of force to your life can you hope to change.

That force can take the form of a catastrophic event that rocks you so profoundly that you are forced to question who and where you are in life. It can also take the form of a new romantic interest who sends you reeling in the same way. The problem with outside forces though, is that you have little control over where you end up. Much like the way a hockey puck has little control over where it goes after being hit by a stick.

Fortunately you are not an inanimate object. You have freewill and can create the change yourself by actively seeking a powerful force of your own choosing if you want. You can turn to drugs or alcohol if you want. But again those are outside forces that you don't always have control over. More often than not they end up being a negative influence, rather than the positive forces you thought they were when you first tried them. 

There are other forces you can bring into play that you can manage and that will lead to positive change. Practices like meditation, yoga, and even religion can be even more powerful forces of change because they come from within, and because you can guide them with practice. Which is why I added a corollary to Sir Isaac Newton's first law for the metaphysical world:

Objects in motion stay in motion unless an external force is applied to it. If that force is positive, the change will be positive. If that force is negative, so too will be the change.

Mr. Newton's second law is a bit more complicated, but just as relevant. It states that "the relationship between an object's mass (m) and its acceleration (a) is equal to the force (F) of that object. Or F = ma".

On a more personal level, this simply means that the strength behind the change you want to see is directly related to the energy and intensity that you apply to making that change happen. For instance, if you practice yoga five times a week, for an intense three hours a day, you will see far greater change than if you dally in classes between cocktails.

In effect, your commitment (m) and the effort you make to change (a) will directly affect the Force in your life (F), and the results you will see. Simply put, the more you apply yourself to positively changing your life, the more positive will your change be.

This leads me to Sir Isaac Newton's third rule. Here he states that "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." Again, in simple terms, if you jump off of a raft floating on a lake, you not only move forward, but the raft moves backward in an equal and opposite direction. If you are not aware of this, the result could end you up in the lake instead of on the dock.

Not only do objects obey this law, but people follow it as well. For the most part, people are resistant to change. When people are faced with change, they often react in an equal and opposite manner to it. This is especially important to remember when you are changing your life. People like the status quo. They like it when things are comfortable, and change is not comfortable. So when you tell someone you're changing your life, their first response is to resist. Often times in an equal and opposite direction to where you want to go.

Knowing this, you have a choice about how you manifest change. You can either change quickly and in a big way, or you can take your time and do so slowly and with other people's sensitivities in mind. If you kick the door open and announce the new you, you risk people having an equal and opposite reaction to your efforts. This can lead to broken relationships, hurt feelings, lost jobs and worse. If you take time to feel people out, to help them understand why you want to change, you will find that people are much more agreeable, responsive and positive to your change. In effect, their equal and opposite reaction will be in proportion to your action.

The choice is yours; just remember that the more force you have behind your change the more impact you efforts will have. So why not take baby steps when you want to make a change. Rally people behind you so that you can take the route of least resistance and increase the force supporting you and the new direction you want to take YOUR life.

So remember Sir Isaac Newton's famous laws of change when you are making a change of your own:

Objects in motion stay in motion unless an external force is applied to it"The relationship between an object's mass (m) and its acceleration (a) is equal to the force (F) of that object. Or F = maFor every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Hopefully they will help you take your life in the right direction with the least amount of energy necessary.

After all, you have plenty of time, so why not enjoy the changes in your life as they happen, and not just after they're over? In the end, isn't that what life is all about?

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