Upgrade Mind & Body By Downloading in Retreat

You know that mildly annoying interruption when your computer blinks to update your system? You can opt to "shut down, update and restart," or "remind me later." Caught up in the moment, many of us choose to delay, even though the process will enable our whole system to run more efficiently.

As human beings, we can all use a little reboot. Making time for a complete personal "shut down and restart" is enormously beneficial. Going on retreat allows us to pause, reset, and upgrade our mind and body. On retreat, we recover a fresh mental outlook, rediscover our physical strength, and tune in to our best frequency -- and we carry these benefits with us when we return to our busy lives.

With my fall retreat just three weeks away, I can't wait to lead others in replenishing and rebooting for the busy season ahead. Retreats are an incredible opportunity to nurture our most important relationship: the one with our self. I urge you not to delay, and instead be wiling to pause, reboot, and open your “main frame” to new information and better ways of operating in the world.

Looking back on my last retreat brings a huge smile to my face. Everyone showed up willing and eager to “restart” and reclaim something already within. From the first moments in meditation, the room hummed with kindness and strength. And when the flow began, the collective creative power rose for us all. Over meals, strangers sat together like old friends; some shared intimate stories, while others embraced the rare quietude.

Retreat weekends are a reminder for us all to stay true to our authentic, divine self: rediscovering the boundless hearts, strong muscles, and flexible minds that are innate in our “operating systems." For many of us, investing in a retreat can feel like an interruption or an indulgence that we decide to postpone, telling ourselves, “remind me later." But what could possibly be more important than caring for our most priceless resource: our health.

Just like our computers need periodic updates, we ourselves need time to refresh, recalibrate and move into a more present state of mind. Otherwise, we crash. If your inner computer is craving more acceptance, more peace, and a better way of operating in the world, do not delay. Embrace the change that awaits, invest in your most precious resource, and retreat!

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