Anna Kournikova Grows Veggies with Her Grandma

Former tennis pro Anna Kournikova is the new trainer on The Biggest Loser and she's off to a good start when it comes to food. Anna grows veggies with her grandma, embraces a whole foods diet, and is even conscious of her carbon footprint.

Anna talks to MNN about growing organic veggies with her grandma:

"My grandma lives with me during the winter months and she actually grows vegetables in the back yard so I do get a chance to eat home grown vegetables most of the year. I try to buy organic fruits and vegetables whenever I can. Unfortunately, with all of the traveling I do, it can sometimes be a challenge."

On eating whole foods diet and being eco-conscious:

"I do recommend every food in its purest form. I try to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and I try to do as much as I can at home to reduce my carbon footprint. I do little things like always unplugging my chargers and turning off the TVs when they aren't being used at the time. I also make sure to turn off all of the lights when they are not in use, and I also let my laundry air dry rather than putting it in the dryer."

Go Anna!

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