Jane Fonda Learned Meditation at 70: "Helps Me Focus, Become Clear and Calm"

Jane Fonda is 73 years-old and looking better than ever. She's got a new book out called, Prime Time, in which she covers everything from sex, relationships, and wellness. Did you know that Jane learned meditation when she was 70?!

In an interview with Elevated Existence magazine, Jane talked about learning how to meditate and the power of positivity.

Jane on learning meditation:

"I’ve known for a long time that meditation would help be become centered and less nervous, but I never could do it. As I was 2 weeks away from turning 70, I found the Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico near my ranch. Roshi Joan Halifax is the abbott of the center.... She told me that for the first 8 days of December – right before my birthday – they have a Rohatsu Sesshin, a silent meditation retreat that celebrates the enlightenment of the Buddha. I signed up and, although it was challenging to still my mind (as it is for everyone, including, I’m told, Buddha himself), I experienced what it feels like and its benefits and I have continued with it.... Meditation helps me focus, become clear and calm. Frankly, I never thought I’d be able to achieve this."

Jane on becoming more positive with age:

"There are so many what-ifs in the lives of younger people, whereas we elders are armed with a long backward look – in other words, this has happened before. We have the accumulation of perspective. We’ve ‘been there, done that.’ We have experienced mishaps, crisis and hardships, and survived. We know what we need and what is no longer necessary in our lives and so can let go of a lot of ‘stuff.’ We know where the tiger is lurking in the brush. We don’t have to keep going back and checking. The ‘this too shall pass’ wisdom is difficult for younger people to grasp, but we’ve been through it and we know. We are more apt to turn lemons into lemonade instead of making mountains out of molehills. We may lose our eyesight, but we can gain insight."

Namaste to that!

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