Protecting Your Energy

In Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, Caroline Myss explains that people have a "cellular bank account" where they store energy to power and heal the body. As an example, she asks you to imagine that one hundred circuits of energy pour into the top of your head every morning. These are deposited in your cellular bank account.

Myss says, "Imagine this flow of energy as a financial allowance equal to one hundred dollars per day. Your task is to learn how to invest this money wisely, because your investments will either earn you interest or put you into debt." Thus, you are either energized or depleted, depending on where you allow your energy to go...

Every day you should investigate where and to whom your energy is going.

How much energy do you want to give away, and how much do you want to invest in your health, success, and creative endeavors? Since you only have a hundred units, you need to plug into the right people and situations. If you notice your energy going towards a negative thought, person, or circumstance, tell yourself to “detach.” Imagine that your energy circuits are detaching, coming back, and plugging into your own body. Visualize your aura full of one million energy dollars; be thankful you are compounding energetic interest!

Keeping good company increases your overall health and success.

Don’t let negative folks bring you down. Apply the concept of spring-cleaning to the people and situations that do not encourage you to live with enthusiasm. The more positive and successful you are, the more you will attract like-minded people into your life.

To learn more about positive energy, read chapter two of Feng Shui Your Life.

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