Sometimes It's Better to Laugh

Written by Gabby Reece

My seven year-old was being a complete loon the other night, and she has the fantastic knack to unravel the entire household. You gotta love a kid who can single handily take down a house, and everyone else in it.

At that moment I was trying to make dinner while my three and-a half year old was sleeping on the couch. You know that routine. So we get done with the three and-a-half year olds’ fit, and it’s power time to get the food on the table before the baby wakes up. Tears are dried and things are settling back to normal. I’m standing at the sink and I hear a multiple crash sound. With a tiny (and hopeful) delay of silence then comes the crying of an interrupted sleep. I look over and my seven year-old has spilled about 300 colored plastic discs we use on a chart that she keeps track of her “behavior.” Hey, an honest mistake, right? Ever try and peel a cucumber with one hand while holding an angel in the other?

My husband looked cross-eyed, and almost with a “can I make it out the front door and no one notice me” look of hope. I’m just standing at the sink, taking it all in, and then decide to laugh.

Is there this kind of insanity and brilliant humor in all things? If you choose.

All I know is if I had not gotten thirty minutes of exercise this day I may have been running around threatening to dole out punishments, and spankings. Or better yet just gone into the bathroom and done the 20 second cry and reload.

Life is funny, but it also can be stressful. Just a friendly reminder to do whatever you can to deal with it easier. Take care of yourself so you can handle taking care of everything and everyone else.

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