Forbes Magazine Goes Vegan? Sorta...

Forbes Magazine Rich Karlgaard Vegan Diet

Forbes Magazine publisher, Rich Karlgaard, typically writes about politics, health care, or economics in his Forbes blog, Digital Rules; however, his latest post is entitled In Praise of (Mostly) Vegan Diets.  

Karlgaard talks about his conversion to his "mostly vegan" diet last year after feeling overweight and out-of-shape. He even goes as far as providing a sample menu of what his diet looked like.  After losing 30 lbs, Karlgaard says:

"The result of this new, mostly vegan diet, combined with biking, has been impressive. The vegan-like diet works superbly as a way to recover from heavy anaerobic workouts. I now weigh 168 pounds and feel terrific. The vegan fans are right about this: You do feel cleaner inside."

Go Rich!

Read the full article at Forbes.

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