Handstands in NYC with Tara Stiles & Heidi Kristoffer

Outdoor yoga is just one of the many perks of summer in New York City. It's especially fun when you have yogis 'taking it to the streets' and going upside down in the middle of the city. That's exactly what Tara Stiles and Heidi Kristoffer did in this playful one-minute video.

Tara talked us about the video and said:

"It was really fun with Heidi, of course. She isn't shy at all, doesn't mind getting her feet and hands a little dirty, is super-spontaneous, and likes to have fun and do handstands! We made a few new friends actually and ran into our friend who comes to Strala, the cameo of the guy somersaulting over Heidi at the Picasso statue.We left the front door of Strala and filmed in the surrounding blocks of Soho. We would handstand wherever we thought would look interesting and be fun, too. I love that in NYC, people have seen it all, and walk around like nothing is out of the normal. It really goes to show that yoga can be normalized! Stay tuned for more collaborations with the two of us!"

Here's a peek:

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