7 Healthy Cookbooks To Make You Look & Feel Your Best (Just In Time For Summer)

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In Brooklyn, the second the weather begins to turn not-freezing (mind: this does not mean actually warm), we shed our winter layers and go into full-on summer mode. No matter what the weather is where you live, these cookbooks will put you in a sunny summer mindset, with healthy recipes to help you look and feel your best all season long.

Body Love

A favorite of Jessica Alba's (she wrote the foreword), this book takes a radical approach to body—and mind—transformation through food. You'll get tons of accessible science and background on Kelly's unique approach to food (including an easy formula to make sure all of your meals are healthy), plus tons of recipes. Available June 27.

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The Lost Kitchen

Photo by Nicole Franzen

Doesn't just looking at this cover make you feel calmer? Basically a summer vacation for your brain and plate (if not your body), this book is filled with seasonally inspired meals that will make your mouth water (we'll take a ramp and fiddlehead fried rice, please). Available May 9.

Glow Pops

Photo by Lauren Volo

Full disclosure: I actually wrote this book, but it's only because I believe healthy ice pops are the perfect summer food. There are ice pops you can eat for breakfast, ice pops that get rid of bloat, ice pops that protect your skin from the sun, and pops that combat allergies and inflammation. All that, and they come in flavors like Matcha Latte, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Chocolate Caramel Swirl. Available now.

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Kale & Caramel

Photo by Lily Diamond

Perfect for those lazy, hot summer days when you want everything to look and smell beautiful, this cookbook is broken down by herb—except for each one, you get both healthy recipes (Lemongrass Coconut Basil Ice Cream) and easy DIY skin care (a Healing Honey Basil mask). Available May 2.

Green Kitchen At Home

Photo by David Frenkiel

David and Luise from Green Kitchen Stories (one of the OG healthy food blogs) have some of the most enviable lives on the internet, with vibrant vegetable-filled meals and an architecture-mag-ready Stockholm home. This book showcases their quick and easy home cooking, allowing you to actually get a sliver of that life yourself. Available May 2.

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Hippie Lane

Photo by Taline Gabrielian

Taline, otherwise known as Hippie Lane, has perhaps the most enviable life on Instagram, with rock-star-cool photos of drool-worthy travel and food. This book lets you take a mini-trip on a plate to a place where the sun is always warm on your skin, the water is always crystalline, and the food always nourishing and delicious. Especially recommended for healthy dessert lovers. Available May 4.

Salad For President

Photo by Julia Sherman

A coffee-table-worthy book in so-on-trend millennial pink, this cookbook has salads and stories from the chef/visual designer author, as well as special guest stars like Alice Waters. Perfect for when you want a healthy, no-cook meal that's anything but boring. Available May 2.

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