7 Things You Need To Know Today (April 5)

7 Things You Need To Know Today (April 5) Hero Image
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1. This avocado bar has made our healthy fat dreams a reality.

Three friends from Italy are bringing an avocado bar—aptly named Avocaderia—to Industry City, Brooklyn. The bar will serve up organic avocados from Mexico in the form of smoothies, salads, and toast. Safe to say we manifested this one? (NYT)

2. These contact lenses are straight from the future.

According to new research, transparent biosensors can now be embedded into contact lenses. These sensors will monitor blood glucose levels, test for drug use, and could even be used to detect the early signs of cancer and disease. Excuse us while we try to wrap our minds around that... (Science Daily)

3. DHA supplements might not live up to the hype for pregnant women.

Many prenatal vitamins include DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), a component in fish oil, because it's commonly thought to affect a child's brain health and development. But it turns out, there isn't a lot of scientific evidence to support this. While DHA isn't harmful, it might be better to eat more high-quality fish than spend money on a supplement, as many American women are deficient in it. (NYT)

4. Bite-size moments of positivity can add up to a happier life.

Turns out, being happy is less about winning the lottery and more about learning to cultivate micro-moments of positivity. Thanks to the research on neuroplasticity, we know now that "it is possible to train...the brain to promote more positive responses. That is, a person can learn to be more positive by practicing." (NYT)

5. Saying something is fishy may be a cliché, but its meaning is surprisingly accurate.

According to new research, when people are exposed to a fishy scent they're more likely to become suspicious. They're even less likely to invest money when exposed to fishy scents. So the next time you find yourself becoming paranoid over your sushi dinner, you'll know why. (Science Of Us)


6. Mentally bouncing back from a mistake is easier than we think.

But our brains make it hard! Your brain gets distracted and self-conscious after making a mistake—but a new study shows that there are a few tangible things you can do to recover with confidence like doodling, sipping water, and saying "excuse me" instead of profusely apologizing. Noted! (Inc.)

7. Kevin Bacon reveals his struggle with anxiety.

Kevin Bacon has come forward with his struggle with anxiety, saying that he was once walking down the street in New York City and "broke down and fell to the sidewalk" with a panic attack. He compares the sensations of anxiety to minor earthquakes and says he finds songwriting therapeutic. (Mirror)

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