Here's Exactly What One Plant-Based Blogger Eats For All-Day Energy

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As a busy, on-the-go vegan blogger and cookbook author, I try to keep myself filled up on plant-based foods that are healthy and will keep me going all week long. I like to keep my fridge stocked with foods both nutrient-dense and that taste great so when hunger hits, I'm totally prepared.

I always lean savory with breakfast foods, so I try to keep a hearty stash of ripe avocados nearby. They're a fantastic food with a great balance of healthy fats and fiber and taste great smashed onto whole-grain bread, sliced onto a chickpea scramble, or blended into your favorite smoothie. My favorite avocado toast addition are pickled onions—the sweet, tangy onions contrast the mellow avocado in the best way!

After breakfast and post-workout, I usually make or grab a smoothie with lots of greens, fresh fruit, and coconut water. Coconut water is a great drink to keep stocked in the fridge because it's ultra-hydrating and full of electrolytes—perfect for workout recovery.

For lunch, I usually go homemade. I try to make batch meals at least twice a week for lunches. Whether it's spicy three-bean chili, roasted veggies with quinoa and a simple (dairy-free) yogurt dill dressing, or homemade burrito bowls, I like to spend a few hours on my day off prepping the meals so I have a healthy, ready-made option in the fridge all week. It makes it so much easier to say no to eating out, especially at night when you're exhausted and don't want to cook. I don't even have a microwave—just pop everything into a pan and reheat on the stove or stick in the oven until warm!

I'm a big snacker, so between my afternoon snack session and what I end up eating before bed, I need healthy options. Some of my favorites are Ozery Bakery's Morning Rounds topped with dairy-free, cream-cheese-style spread from Kite Hill. The combo of a non-GMO whole grain but that's full of oats and nutritious grains and artisanal traditionally cultured almond milk cream cheese is a delicious and filling snack. I also love to have Lara Bars (just three ingredients!), chia pudding with fresh fruit, and raw coconut macaroons, like those from Hail Merry.

When it comes to dinner time, I recommend eating big, fresh meals. We live in Southern California where the produce and farmers markets are plentiful, and it allows us to eat a lot of in-season, vibrant fruits and vegetables. Lately we've been loving making zucchini noodles with pasta sauce and nutritional yeast, and black bean bowls with brown rice and tons of avocado and cilantro. Anything really fresh and hearty gets my vote! If you're looking to work more veggies into your diet, the secret is in the sauce. Make a light, healthy sauce—maybe cashew or almond dairy-free yogurt-based—with your favorite flavors (cilantro lime jalapeño, garlic thyme, lemon basil, whatever!), and slather it on everything. If you like the taste you'll eat more veggies, and eventually you won't need the sauce.

After all that food you'd think I'd be done—but NOPE! This girl LOVES desserts. That said, I also rarely eat sugar and try to keep my sweets in check by eating just little bites before bed. My go-to sweets are things like homemade raw cheesecake, dark chocolate chips, monk-fruit-sweetened banana bread, and frozen grapes. I usually have a glass of Live Soda kombucha after dinner too, my evening "glass of wine." And that's it! The trick really is preparation. If you set yourself up for success, it is far easier to achieve. And if you carry almonds instead of candy, you'll eat almonds instead of candy. Happy eating!

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