6 Things You Need To Know Today (March 31)

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1. Yet another reason to go organic.

Scott Pruitt, the new head of the EPA, has voted not to ban an insecticide that agency scientists have deemed unsafe to human health. The chemical in question, chlorpyrifos, is currently used on about 40,000 farms nationwide. (NYT)

2. Elon Musk wants to put electrodes in our brains. Cool...?

The billionaire entrepreneur is hoping to connect human brains directly to computers through what's known as "neural lace" technology, basically turning our brains into more powerful computers than they already are. (The Guardian)

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3. When it comes to health care, do you know what you're really paying for?

If you're uninsured and you have to be hospitalized, you'll receive dozens of bills in the mail—for outlandishly high amounts—with little explanation of what they're for. And asking questions will likely leave you even more confused, as one women learned when she received a 60-page-long list of charges full of indecipherable abbreviations and codes. Experts suspect that this system is part of the reason health care in the United States has become so expensive. (NYT)

4. Flint seals deal to replace 18,000 home water lines.

Flint is getting the money it wants to replace pipes that contributed to its water crisis, but it's not enough to persuade all residents to stay in the eastern Michigan city. A member of the group of pastors that brought the lawsuit said more must be done. "The water issue must be resolved before we can make Flint thrive again," said the Rev. Allen Overton. "I remain hopeful that we have time to restore Flint to a place where dreams are made and hope stays alive." (CNN)

5. If you're knocked out when you get sick, it might mean you're feeling lonely.

While we've heard about research that shows lack of community can lead to increased risk of chronic disease or early death, we didn't know much about the short-term effects of loneliness until now. In this study, loneliness didn't affect whether participants got sick, but lonely people did experience more severe symptoms. (NPR)

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6. Need a place to let off some steam?

Anger rooms allow people to pay a nominal fee to take their aggression out in a safe space, letting them break glasses, bash objects with hammers, and more. While experts seem to find it an acceptable therapy in the short term, if you need it more frequently you might want to find other ways of dealing with your anger. (CNN)

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