5 Wellness Practices To Attract More Financial Abundance: A Psychic Explains

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mbg Contributor
Tanya Carroll Richardson is an author and professional intuitive, giving readings to clients all over the world.
5 Wellness Practices To Attract More Financial Abundance: A Psychic Explains

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Because I am a psychic, people contact me for guidance on all sorts of issues, although many fall under three broad categories: love, health, and money. While I am not a financial adviser, the angels, ascended masters, and guides I work with during sessions have given me some great money tips to pass along to clients. Use these divine suggestions for increasing your wealth as inspiration to do some spring cleaning around your finances.

1. It's all connected.

Love, money, and health are all intertwined to a degree. Of course your love life could be better than ever while at the same time your finances are tanking, or vice versa. But beyond these extreme highs and lows, often in our day-to-day lives if we aren't practicing good self-care with our finances, we probably aren't practicing great self-care with our health or relationships either. Never feel shame about your money issues, and don't be afraid to ask for help from a financial planner or other expert. When you make an effort to get your finances in better order, those actions have a ripple effect that will positively influence everything else in your life.


2. Money attracts money.

When Spirit told me this phrase, "money attracts money," I found it very intriguing and the perfect reminder that money is not just a physical currency or a financial concept but an energy. My clients run the gamut of the material wealth spectrum: Some are financially set for life. Many are average working people, keeping a roof over their heads and trying to be of service through their careers. And some are really struggling with their finances. Yet no matter how tight your current money situation is, the angels I work with in sessions always recommend starting a savings plan. This can be as much as hundreds of dollars a week or as little as five dollars a week. Even putting aside a few bucks into a designated savings account will energetically attract more money to that account and into your life. You'll think of new ways to save and earn, the universe will see you mean business, and like attracts like, so nobody follows the money more than money!

3. Money issues need to be healed.

Just like emotional and physical wounds need to be healed, financial wounds and negative patterns require a degree of healing. What is your money story? Write down your history with money in a journal entry, including any big wins (like when you saved enough to purchase an investment property) and any major losses (like your business that went bust). The losses might call out for a cleansing cry. It's helpful to write down what this loss taught you about money and yourself. Do the same for the big wins. And think about the money patterns you want to shift, focusing in particular on when they started and why, which is something I often help clients through in a session. Maybe you used money to "buy" people's love, which began when you received an inheritance, or you might stay broke so that you can lean on someone to create intimacy or mirror the money story of your childhood. The first step is always awareness around the story you've been telling yourself when it comes to how money limits (or expands) you.


4. Hope encourages action and brings opportunities.

Giving up hope can be highly self-sabotaging. Occasionally I will get a client who has completely given up hope of finding love, which keeps them from seeking out potential partners. It also shrinks their energy around this issue and leaves them less likely to attract romantic love. The same can happen with financial abundance. Hope tells the universe, "I'm still in the game! Throw me the ball!" Life is full of surprises, so just because you have a challenging financial situation right now or simply want to improve your finances but don't see how, keep hope alive while not attaching to any one specific outcome. Do what you can today and be on the lookout for inspiration and opportunity...they could arrive anytime. Hope is the gateway to miracles.

5. Ask for divine assistance.

I often advise clients to make an appointment with a financial planner or read books by financial experts. Asking for divine help around money is not a substitute for working with financial professionals, but it is a nice complement. In my book Angel Insights, I explain that helper angels are freelance angels who specialize in all types of fields, including finance. All you have to do to "hire" one is just get quiet in meditation or prayer and ask for some divine assistance with your finances. Then you might start to get gut instincts or synchronicities about how to save more, or aha ideas and opportunities about how to increase your income.

The universe can nudge you in the right direction, but it's up to you to take the action steps and make things happen. It's my hope that these practices are directive—in that they're not a substitute for good financial planning but a complement, as I mentioned earlier. Happy intuiting, and happy planning.

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