A Is for Aversion!

Quick recap: We are all connected! To each other biologically, to the earth chemically and to the rest of the universe atomically. However, if we are all connected then why can one feel separated from this connectedness? We can feel separate because we are born with a body and a mind. It is our mind that leads us to believe we are separate!

Yoga helps this separateness by managing the 5 Klesha's: ignorance, pride, attachment, aversion and fear of death (IPAAF)

Classical yoga breaks the universe into two parts, Matter and Spirit. Matter is broken down into 3 more parts called guna's: sattva, tamas, rajas. When we are in a sattvic place we are most centered, less separate, most connected. One way we may accomplish this is through yoga asana, pranayama and meditation.

This week the second A in IPAAF, the fourth Klesha, is for Aversion. In sanskrit its called "Dvesa"

When we feel, or think we don't like someone else how can that be since our essence is the same. We are connected biologically, chemically and atomically! So we can't hate that? What we dislike maybe is their behavior?

This aversion is a way the universe is telling you "hey go and learn from this. Grow from this".

As humans generally we move toward what we like or brings us pleasure and move away from what we dislike or brings us pain?

I have an aversion to, olives and anchovies! I have an aversion to veal because I don't want to eat a baby calf but I will eat steak! How strange is that? I have an aversion to vodka as I saw it consume loved ones earlier in my life and get them attached to it only to destroy their lives and others around them. I had an aversion to yoga! Then my mortal body aged, became ill and I found that yoga perhaps healed me! That which I had an aversion to actually ended up helping me!

It gave me physical strength! It gave me flexibility! It healed a singing sciatica! It slowed premature degenerative disk disease! It healed my L4 and L5 lumbar region by strengthening the muscles all around and up and down! Yoga became health care.

Back to aversions! Most new yogis have an aversion to inversions! Handstands! Then one day, after practicing yoga for a year or two or three or four it happens! The fear is no longer, only courage remains and your in a handstand. And that opens certain channels of energy that have been dormant for a long time and then the understanding of aversions is clearer. We can overcome our aversions!

What do you have aversions to? People? Places? Things? Foods? Habits?

Our aversions can tell us a lot about ourselves. We can get attached to our aversions! Sometimes humans don't like other humans based on skin color, religion, country of origin, career, morality. Yet we are all the same biologically, chemically and atomically!

Do you have an aversion to self care? If so, why? Where would that originate from?

Can you learn to invert that aversion of self care to an aversion of self abuse?

Develop aversions that serve you?

We may get attached to our aversions! So maybe the best idea is to try and manage our aversions. If we are going to experience aversions maybe we should direct them at that which disconnects us?

Aversions are like a red light alert. They are there to help you be more aware.

Step 1 is becoming aware of your aversion. Remember again, for the most part we move toward pleasure and away from pain. Our aversions usually move us away from some sort of pain whether real, imagined or socialized?

Step 2 is asking oneself what is the lesson for me in this aversion I have? Do I have any control over the situation? Hopefully in time as we become aware of our aversions we free up that energy for other uses that better serve us. 

Once we start to overcome our aversions a whole new world opens up to us energy wise. The easiest way I have found to accomplish this is to stop judging oneself and others. The universe would go on fine without you so there is no need to judge. It does eventually anyway! And on that note,

Next week the F in IPAAF for fear of death...

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