Modern Mystics Tell You Exactly How To Add More Magic Into Your Life

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Emma Mildon is a millennial activist, co-host of 11:11 podcast, and best-selling author of Evolution of Goddess and The Soul Searcher's Handbook.
Modern Mystics Tell You Exactly How To Add More Magic Into Your Life

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If you, like me, are ruled by all things stardust and full moons (aren't we all?), it's high time you check out these Insta-famous modern mystics. A spiritual searcher always on the lookout for new inspiration, I've found their words, rituals and imagery incredibly uplifting. I hope they inspire you to take your weekly horoscope routine and gypsy-inspired playlist to the next level using all things crystal, ritual, and numerology. Get ready to infuse your everyday routine with modern magic and mysticism.

1. Set intentions with the new moon.

Danielle Noel is the creator of Starchild Tarot and voice behind its lush, dreamy account. Her go-to ritual involves turning to the new moon to clear space and set intentions. "To do this, I jot down notes on any energies or thoughts that I feel have been exerting pressure on me, as well as any dreams and aspirations that I am working toward, on small pieces of paper. As I do this, I use detailed visualization, seeing and feeling myself holding my ideal spaces. I then burn each note in a small censer or mini cauldron, feeling gratitude and love for the experience," she tells me.

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2. Grab a "crystal stress ball."

One spiritually infused practice that I personally share on my Instagram all the time is the art of crystal ritual. They are my goddess go-to when I feel like my life is becoming a stress mess and I need a dose of energy. I think of them as my mystic version of a stress ball. I reach for moonstone when I need to follow a gut feeling on something, rose quartz if I have a heart or relationship issue, onyx when I need to soak up some bad vibes, and clear quartz when I need an energetic detox.

3. Go with what vibes.

"There is no 'one size fits all' to spirituality. Don't compare yourself to anyone else's journey, and don't look down on those who aren't where you're at," advises Instagram modern mystic The Hood Witch. "With the popular resurgence of spirituality, witchcraft, alternative medicine, meditation, crystal healing, and all things metaphysical and esoteric, it is important to take a step back and focus on what and who we truly are and what we resonate with. There are so many people and businesses offering services that we might not personally vibe with and that's OK. It's important to trust what feels right for you."

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4. Practice earthing.

Rebecca Campbell, author of Light Is the New Black and Rise, Sister, Rise, tells us to walk ourselves home every once in a while. "We are not separate from the earth; we do not just live on the earth; we are the earth. The quickest way I know to get unstuck is to walk in nature and with every new step, let the earth walk you back home."

5. Connect to the moon.

"Connecting to the cycles of the moon through ritual and my astrological studies keeps me connected to the magic of something bigger than myself," says Ruby Warrington, founder of The Numinous, co-founder of Moon Club, a monthly membership for spiritual activists, and author of Material Girl Mystical World. "Watching Mama Moon cycle from new to full and back again is also such a comfort, as she reminds of the cyclic, ever-evolving nature of all life.”

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6. Give numerology a try.

"Use numerology to discover the most powerful manifestation days of the month by adding together all of the numbers in a date until you get a single digit: a Universal Day Number between 1 and 9. says Michelle Buchanan, Author of The Numerology Guidebook and The Numerology Oracle Cards. Let's use April 5, 2017, as an example: 4 (April) + 5 (5th) +2+0+1+7 = 19 … 1+9 =10 … 1+0 = 1 Universal Day Number. Universal Day Numbers 1 and 8 are the most powerful manifestation numbers of all. So when a day totals 1 or 8, it's a very creative day! During a 1 or 8 day put extra effort into your affirmations, visualizations, and intentions."

Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon is a millennial activist and best-selling author, aiming to provide fun spiritual wisdom...
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Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon is a millennial activist and best-selling author, aiming...
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