A DIY Hair Mask To Get Crazy Soft, Shiny Hair While You Work Out

A DIY Hair Mask To Get Crazy Soft, Shiny Hair While You Work Out Hero Image
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Let's face it: Lustrous hair can take a lot of upkeep. Getting—and maintaining—healthy hair without even leaving your kitchen is not always that fun, which is why I can't believe this idea never occurred to me sooner.

Right now my hair is completely parched, frayed, and bleached (!), and while I swore at the beginning of the year that I would give my strands biweekly deep-conditioning treatments, it never happened. I also must confess that I hate applying conditioner to my damp hair in the evenings and sleeping on it—this is mostly because it stops me from pressing snooze on my alarm ad infinitum.

This mask was born out of the necessity of an increasingly active life (yeah, ma, I box and lift weights these days), where I can apply it to hair at any time of the day, braid it, put it in a bun, hell, even leave it loose and free, and head to my favorite exercise class. When I eventually rinse it off, my locks are soft, shiny, and mermaid-esque. Come on, a woman can dream...

Also, can I just say that the genius of this concoction is that you're not sitting around/worrying about leaning on anything that you can leave a greasy conditioner stain behind—you're working your ass off and the ingredients are simultaneously working their magic. Oh, and it smells lush AF. Score!

A DIY Aromatherapy Hair Mask

Coconut and argan oils not only smell delicious combined with these potent aromatherapeutic oils, but they're also the perfect lightweight moisturizers for your thirsty strands.




  1. Combine coconut and argan oil in a small bowl and mix well.
  2. Add in the essential oils.
  3. Apply the mixture to your hair, focusing on the ends.
  4. Go to the gym, where your lush-smelling hair will invoke olfactory envy.
  5. Wash off whenever you damn fancy.

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