7 Things You Need To Know Today (March 15)

7 Things You Need To Know Today (March 15) Hero Image
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1. Storm Stella linked to global warming.

While March snow is not unheard of, aspects of this storm are suggestive of erratic weather patterns that have arisen in recent years, said NASA climate scientist and Columbia University researcher Justin Mankin. “There is a robust expectation of increased extreme weather events. Increasingly the climate science community has been able to attribute the risk of occurrence of those weather extremes to global warming.” (Metro)

2. All work and no play? That's probably not good for your mental health.

Whether you're an adult who doesn't have enough fun or you're raising children, keep this in mind: Making time for play is extremely important. According to research, fostering creativity is crucial for normal social and emotional development and leads to lowered stress levels. (Scientific American)

3. This smart vibrator lawsuit shows the limits of big data when it comes to personal, sensitive information.

Whether we like it or not, our "smart" apps are sending all the data they collect to learn more about us, our personal habits, and our collective habits as a whole. The catch? They have to disclose it, and WeVibe, a smart vibrator that collected data such as temperature changes in the vibrator and its vibrational intensity, just lost a lawsuit because it failed to do so. People who purchased and used the vibrator and the app together prior to September 16, 2016, are entitled to up to $10,000 in settlement fees. (The Verge)

4. Could supplements be a natural answer to the post-baby blues?

A small study of 21 mothers showed benefits of supplementing with tryptophan, tyrosine, and blueberry extract immediately following delivery. Researchers say this could potentially be a safe, holistic way to prevent postpartum depression—a condition that affects 13 percent of new mothers. (CTV News)

5. It's still really hard to be a woman in Silicon Valley.

Despite all the advancements women have made in the tech world, a recent survey found that nearly all of the 200-plus senior women in tech who responded had experienced sexist interactions. And according to tech entrepreneur Susan Wu, the ability to reject and male coworker's advances without hurting his ego is "a pretty important skill that I would bet most successful women in our industry have." Ugh. (The Atlantic)


6. What should you eat before and after a workout?

According to science, the one-two punch of carbs and protein is the way to go. (Science of Us)

7. Turns out being good-looking might not be good for relationships.

It might be easier to find a partner as an ultra-hottie, but those relationships tend to be shorter—arguably because good-looking people tend to have more of a wandering eye when they're not satisfied in their relationships. (The British Psychological Society)

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